Thai street drink

The warm and humid weather in Thailand make foreign visitor craving for ice drink to cooling down the heat, the best way is visit countless vendors selling drinks on street, either from stables street stand and often from mobile cart. You can see the local drinking culture by pick them up on the way to work in early risers and rush hours.

Most popular drinks were found among the Thai's such Thai iced tea, Thai Coffee, Green tea latte, pink lemon soda. All drinks are rich and milky mixing of strong taste of tea or coffee as the base, follow by sugar and sweetened condensed milk extra topping of fresh coconut milk. But please be aware of sweetness of the Thai's drink, if you are mutual drinker.

Hot item

Thai milk tea ( Cha Yen)
Thai sweetened condensed pink milk ( Nom Yen)
Thai red lemon soda (NamDaeng Soda Manaow)

Thai Chicken rice

Turning on radar reaching out for local food, when situation arises, Khao man Gai, Thai style chicken rice is always waiting right around a corner in Bangkok.

The rice is not ordinary white plain rice but is cooked in chicken broth and chicken fat, making each individual grain glisten with oil and scream with chicken-ey goodness. After a bowl of rice is pit on the plate, the chopped chicken is placed on top and a few slices of cucumber and possible cilantro accompany as garnish. But if you find Chicken are too simple adding extra of red steam pork or crispy pork is also available. Sauce another one of the most powerful pointing out the golden part of the rice. Sweet soy based or ginger garlic sauces are both commonly use.

Around The Inn Saladaeng you can find few chicken rice restaurants just few steps away from the hotel, like Kin Heng, Khao Man Kai Maha Bandit Or further away around Pratunam area Kaiton Pratunam ( Pink Uniform), KuangHeng ( Green Uniform).

Bugs & Bee Cafe

  • Address: 18 Silom Rd. Suriyawong Bang Rak Bangkok 10500
  • Hour: Mon 11.00AM – 01.00AM
    Thu 11.00AM – 01.00AM
    Fri 11.00AM – 04.00AM
    Sat 08.00AM – 04.00AM
    Sun 08.00AM – 01.00AM
  • TEL: 02-632-8883
  • How to get there: BTS Saladaeng station Exit No. 5

Finding traditional Thai food is out of control? To start off your Thai food journey fusion dish might come up in mind. Right out Saladaeng station exit no.5 Bug & Bee Café offer Thai fusion dishes mixing with signature crepes. They come in as sweet form or as a savoury meal. One recommend will be Tuna salad crepes, Massaman Chicken curry crepe.